Since its inception, satellite TV programming service providers have strived to bring a higher quantity and quality of programming to televisions across America. There efforts have paid off well in the number of channels of fantastic programming that they now have for their viewers to choose from, when they make their selection of, programming to have in their home and businesses.

Both Dish Network and DirecTV offer well over eight hundred total channels each with their standard, high definition and Sirius satellite radio programming that they carry. Dish Network alone carries a full thirty-one channels of high definition programming witch makes them the unchallenged leader in high definition of all the programming service providers in satellite and cable TV.

DirecTV claims the top spot in spots programming, with a full twenty-five channels of sports that their viewing family can select from. DirecTV also has some channels of sports programming that they carry exclusively and they are something extra that the real sports aficionados in their family can add on to their programming packages to make sure that they always have something exciting to watch.

These exclusive channels carry NCAA Mega March Madness and NFL Sunday Ticket and both of these channels are chock full of exciting sports programming that can’t be had from any other TV programming service provider.

Sirius satellite radio programming is free, with both DirecTV and Dish Network programming packages and if you aren’t yet familiar with satellite radio, you are in for a big surprise. With satellite radio you select the channels you are going to listen to just like you would on a TV set and it’s so much simpler and easier.

With standard radio you have to sort through all the radio channels that are designated digitally. That is, that the radio stations have numbers that you have to remember or be familiar with to find them and listen to them.

Satellite radio stations have channels just like stations on a TV set and you can go to a menu that lists them and has all the relevant information on each channels programming. So if you want to listen to smooth jazz, all you have to do is simply refer to the menu and click right to the channel.

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