Though military jihad often garners the most attention, understanding its context and conditions is paramount. Military jihad is a form of warfare in Islam, but it must adhere to specific regulations and conditions outlined in Islamic teachings.

Contrary to popular belief, jihad is not synonymous with “holy war” and has strict prerequisites and codes of conduct. This distinction highlights the complexity of jihad, demonstrating that

it is not solely about violence but rather about making efforts and exerting oneself in the way of God.
Defensive Warfare

Defensive jihad is a form of warfare in Islam that is used to protect Islam and its followers from external aggression or persecution. It is permissible in circumstances of self-defense when Muslim states are under attack or facing aggression, and Islamic law permits anticipatory self-defense in certain conditions.

Historically, defensive jihad has been employed by Muslim states in response to acts of aggression and, under certain conditions, as a form of anticipatory self-defense. In these instances, religious leaders play a role in declaring defensive jihad and providing guidance to their followers on when and how to engage in defensive warfare.
Offensive Warfare

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