In this world of digitization, nobody would like to dig through a stack of receipts to track and manage their expenses. Still, it is vital to keep track of personal finance, since saving is an important matter of financial stability.

Personal expense manager apps are the best remedy to make personal finance handling efficient and
effective. Personal finance management apps like Money Manager Expense and Mint deliver substantial value to the users by streamlining the expenses. Considering the number of downloads that they have on app stores, it can be derived that expense manager apps are trending nowadays and it is therefore worth investing in expense manager app development.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best approach to expensive manager app development and the features that you should incorporate in your app. We’ll also learn how to calculate the expense manager app development cost.

But first, let’s understand the market trends:
Current Market Scenario

A recent survey of 1,039 US millennials by Credit Karma, discovered that most of these individuals (almost 85%) feel too burned out to think about and deal with personal finances. This presents a huge opportunity for personal finance manager apps to tap in with a blue ocean business strategy.

The Existing Players

The app stores already have a few successful apps that are dedicated for personal expense management. Still, there is a room for more personal finance apps when considering the increasing global demand. The following are the top 5 expense manager apps in 2021:
Money Manager Expense & Budget

Money Manager is the editor’s pick on Android play store and is the #1 personal finance manager app. The app operates on a double entry bookkeeping accounting system. The app allows users to define the type of expense and mode of payment, which ultimately reflects in the expense visualization charts. The app also allows users to manage their debit and credit cards within the app.

Once recommended by Google Playstore, AndroMoney is a personal finance manager app that supports multiple currencies. The app gives users an option to visualize their spend data via multiple charts. As the app is based on the cloud, the users can access their profiles from any device.

Mint is a free money manager and financial tracker app that even allows users to che

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